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The Soaping Corner July 2022

Why use handmade soap?

As a certified soap maker through the HSCG, Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild, only luxury food grade oils and natural ingredients are used to manufacture wonderfully mild soap and cosmetics. On all the labels you will find a list of ingredients. Handcrafted soap is made by combining scientific knowledge with artisan creativity creating from scratch mild and safe soaps. Most commercially prepared soap has removed the glycerin, a natural product of soap making, replacing it with fillers, and sells the glycerin to other industries. Handcrafted soap contains the glycerin, a natural humectant, which retains moisture on your skin.

Additionally, when a handmade soap or cosmetic is purchased it helps support the small business. A purchase is an investment in the local community.

These are two reasons to try Handmade, handcrafted soap and cosmetics. You will know what ingredients you are using on your skin and helping a small community business. If there are any questions please email me at :

Diane Randazzo, owner

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